What to Do

Batalha is an ancient land with a varying landscape, where visitors can take part in a huge amount of activities that will put them in direct contact with the nature that fills the municipality, from walking trails and Climbing to exploring caves and mountain biking.

The Town of Heroes Trail

Batalha is home to one of the main symbols of Portuguese History: the Monastery of Santa Maria da Vitória. It is this monument, which is classified as one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal, that immortalises the heroes who have been through the town, and who gave it its identity of: “Town of Heroes”. This trail will take you deep into the charms of the town Batalha and its main buildings.

The Trail of Faith

In a municipality that has Centuries of history, countless events remain in the collective memory of this community. The trail of Faith will take you past the most important locations that deserve a visit – both for their artistic value and, above all, for the devotional meaning they have in the local community.

The Karst route

Batalha can be found perched on the Estremenho Limestone Massif, encompassed by the Serras de Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park (PNSAC). The limestone substrate is what has created the striking landscape, where visitors can see several naturally-occurring phenomena such as caves, gorges, cliffs and limestone pavements, among others. Among the most varied rocks, flora and fauna that characterise the Estremenho Limestone Massif, the area constitutes the largest Iberian sample of historical geology. This trail will lead visitors on a path of discovery of a diverse geological richness in the parishes of Reguengo do Fetal and São Mamede.