WT4 Trail - Lena Mining Railroad

Built in the 1920s to transport coal from the small coal basin of Batalha (Mata and Barrojeiras), the Lena branch provided a connection between the Western railway line at Martingança and the historic town, ending at Pinhal Manso, which became known as Estação Velha (Old Station), and is between Vila Facaia and Jardoeira. Charcoal was transported from the mines to Batalha station in wagons and trucks, that were a huge breakthrough for the time, but which could not be the definitive solution for the coal to be transported as fast and as far as possible while still turning a profit.


Trail characteristics
Departure and Arrival: Boitaca Bridge or The Barrojeiras Mines
Geographical coordinates: 39º39’26 ”; – 08º49’54 ” or 39º22’14 “‘- 08º48’15”
Distance: 6 Km
Approximate duration: 1hour and 45 minutes
Type of ground: Narrow paths through country lanes and paved roads
Level of difficulty: Low

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